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Easy Scanning with Capable Built-In Features

DpuScan is a very powerful scan program. It can comfortably deal with complete batches at full scanner speeds.

DpuScan offers all required functions for scanner settings, display settings, and the saving of scanned images. Furthermore, barcodes can be recognized, individual images can be modified for enhancement, data can be added manually, and with the integrated OCR module, scanned text can be recognized and saved. It makes no difference whether the documents are color or black & white.

By means of the filter technology integrated into the Gold Version, it is possible to generate additional black & white images from the color image, where unwanted background colors can be hidden.

With DpuScan Gold, every color scanner becomes a multistream scanner.

The strengths of DpuScan are its speed, reliability, universal application, and user-friendliness - all at an astonishingly favorable price.

Batch-Oriented Processes

DpuScan has a powerful batch manager and is easily adjustable. While System Administrators can set all processing steps and rules for each document type with uncomplicated menu-guided dialogs, a simple control menu can be set for the scanning operator. This will ensure that all batches of a document type will be scanned in the same way.

Powerful Scanning of Documents

Document capture is more than just scanning paper, and efficient scanning is the starting point for every capture system. DpuScan supports simplex or duplex scanning in Color or black & white with scanners made by Agfa, Avision, Canon, Contex, Fujitsu, InoTec, Kodak, Microform, Panasonic, ROWE, XINO.

Dual Scanner Mode

We often find large format sheets within a batch of letter size papers. Those large sheets don't fit a normal batch scanner. They require a large format scanner or book scanner. DpuScan, in single batch scanning, can control both such scanners simultaneously: a batch scanner and a large format scanner. Inserting the large format sheet from the second scanner is as easy as a click on the button Insert from Scanner 2

Barcode Reader, Patchcode Reader, and OCR Module are Included

The results from these three recognition modules can be used for document separation, indexing, or for filename generation. The results are also available for display during the scan process, and for export to DMS environments. Automatic document separation after a pre- defined number of sheets, or by a white separator sheet is also possible.
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Multiple Possibilities for Displaying Images on the Screen

There are several possibilities for displaying scanned images on the monitor - from full-page representation to many "thumbnails."
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Definition of Password-Secured User Profiles is Possible, Granting Different Access Authorizations

You can set the available tool buttons and thus the access authorizations individually for every user.

Powerful Event Control

Depending on recognized barcodes, OCR results, counter readings, variables values, file sizes and more, new directories can be generated automatically, variable values can be set, images can be marked or flagged for deletion, new multi-page image files can be generated, or other actions can be enabled. In addition, user-defined functions can be used, such as verifying the checksum of digits for an account number.
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Professional Image-Processing on the Bitonal Black & White Image

DpuScan is comprised of many post-processing functions for enhancement of image quality, recognition of barcodes, and automatic text recognition (optical character recognition: OCR). Image enhancement offers functions such as despeckle, deskew, deshade, line removal, edge enhancement, and more. Post-processing jobs can be arranged in a network environment on unmanned stations that automatically post-process every scanned job.
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Multistream Becomes Possible with Every Color Scanner

DpuScan stores, according to your choice, color images, gray images, and/or bitonal images as JPEG (only color or gray), TIF or PDF. The additional images are created by DpuScan itself!
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Zoning Processor

The integrated zoning processor allows you to split-up a double-side original into 20 individual images, at max, even with different properties.

So, for example, a folded A3 original can be split to four pages A4 in any sequence.
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Universal User-Dialogs for Data Entry

Besides capturing the document itself, additional data must often be entered for the scan job or for the individual images. Universal user-dialogs for data entry can easily be defined and pulled up individually. Such dialogs can be activated for every image (manual indexing) or only once for the batch (for capturing the batch data). Additionally, the event control can precisely activate dialogs only when they are required (for example, when a barcode is not recognized). Furthermore, a selection dialog can be activated for specification of the image quality and different information windows.
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Universal Upload Functions and Accounting Data for Scan Service Renderers

Every scan program is only as good as its ability to connect to your archive, workflow, or Document Management System. DpuScan offers universal setting possibilities via protocol files or modules you can write yourself. Besides image files (TIFF, JPEG, or PDF), barcode files can also be written, and text files can be generated by the OCR in different formats. Additionally, DpuScan can capture and protocol processing times. The accounting data generated can easily be evaluated with a table calculation program. There are ways to upload upload image files and metadata files by: file , HTTP, SOAP/Webservice, REST/Webservice, SQL.
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Create Bitonal Black & White Images from the Gray Image

DpuScan is equipped with Multi Dimensional Intelligent Thresholding (MDIT) functionality. MDIT performs a three-step analytical process to determine the optimum brightness distribution in an image. This analytical process results in a crisp black & white image, no matter what the original looked like.

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Bates Stamping (Electronic Reception Stamp, Text Annotation)

An electronic stamp can be printed onto each scanned image either es text or as another image sourced from file. This stamp can be freely scaled and positioned. The text may include information from the scanning process such as date, time, diverse counters, barcode or OCR results. The stamp can be controlled independently from the imprinter control of the scanner.
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Background Processing

DpuScan uses the advanced capabilities of multi core processors of state-of-the-art computers. DpuScan moves production steps to background processing, offering more performance for scanning task in foreground.

DpuScan Gold offers background processing by DpuFinalize. DpuFinalize creates custom data structures in custom defined final locations from batches temporarily stored in arbitrary format during scanning.

The optional DpuProcess offers additional image processing such as extensive filtering or OCR for a single DpuScan license, using free processor capabilities while scanning.



DpuScan Gold is equipped with the ACDP module for filtering of color images. With it, any colors from the entire color spectrum can be filtered out to generate a gray image.


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