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Good Mixture - MIXLINK taken over from Agfa
Good Mixture

Good Mixture

Janich & Klass Expand Their Product Spectrum
by Taking Over the Mixlink-Business from Agfa

JANICH & KLASS Computertechnik GmbH, Wuppertal, has taken over AGFA’s Mixlink business, retroactive as of August 1, 2005. Included within this Agreement is the production of these units, the software maintenance and client services.

Mixlink is a color mix computer with CD-ROM for Automotive paint shops. Additionally, cooperation between the two companies secures the active support by the former Agfa Mixlink team until the end of September 2006 in order to provide a smooth take-over for the clients. Furthermore, Janich & Klass may use the AGFA site in Munich as a drop-in center, for the same period. The take-over of the Mixlink business provides an excellent opportunity for Janich & Klass, the leading supplier of Industrial PC techniques and Document Imaging. It will strengthen its highly successful Industrial Computer Business branch with similar products and utilize efficiently, the competences already existing in its hardware and software area.

Janich & Klass has already planned to expand its product portfolio by explosion-protected units, for processing solvent-containing lacquers.

The Mixlink system enables an exact mix of even the smallest amounts of color – starting from 32 ml – for repainting automobiles to their true color.

Several thousand color shades can be obtained from up to 40 base colors.

For this task, a sturdy industrial PC was developed, with a foil keyboard, integrated flat display, drives for CD-ROM, a floppy disk, and the connection for a highly precise balance. The PC calculates the exact ratio of the colors, based on the required quantity of pigment, auto brand and color ID from the type plate, until the correct mixture is reached. Also if too much pigment was filled in, the computer will immediately calculate the new mixing ratio.

The result is a 100 percent color match with the original.

The system is distributed by Akzo Nobel, one of the largest companies for colors and lacquers worldwide, via Sikkens and their daughter company Lesonal.

From now on, Janich & Klass is responsible for the production of the PCs, along with the software that is available in different versions for 20 countries. Aso for its maintenance, and for about 1,000 service agreements with 24-hours-replacement service.

In total, about 7,000 systems are in use worldwide, for which updates are made on CD’s and sent to the Users about every two months.

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