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Flexible Scan Solution for Text Documents and Payment Forms

XINO scanners perform a responsible job at LBBW, the State Bank of Baden-Württemberg. As a modern universal bank, LBBW offers the complete range of banking products and service. Since 2013, XINO scanners from Janich & Klass GmbH are in use at LBBW. These scanners digitize more than 9.3 million sheets of business documents and payment forms, per year. The universal bank takes advantage of the high flexibility and performance of these units because XINO scanners can reliably process most different kinds of original documents.

Back in 2012, LBBW decided to replace their existing scanners, after ten years of application. The reason for it were the meanwhile rising failure periods, higher wear-off. Moreover, the capacity of the old units no longer met the state of the art, nor the risen demands to scanned documents. During the "DMS EXPO" in Stuttgart, nowadays a part of the IT & Business, Olaf Gerken, the head of the Document Management Group in the LBBW Service GmbH, became aware of the XINO scanners. They provide a number of features which let them become a reliable, flexible, and powerful base for modern document digitizing. Among them is the unique transport system with careful, even gentle paper guidance across the total width of the paper original. This method achieves uninterrupted operation, and thus a high productivity. Furthermore, the system provides a dynamic, variable speed concept in order to cope with the demands of most different kinds of originals. And last, not least, there is the user-friendly control of the system.

After the trade show, Olaf Gerken searched contact to other scanner providers. He asked for quotes and test installations. The team- and project leaders were involved in decision making, to ensure that they would identify themselves with the units, and to fully meet the requested scope of capacities. Finally, XINO was chosen. Before the purchase, the model was again put through its paces, with original documents.

Initially, LBBW purchased three scanners and installed them in Stuttgart. Here, the "Document Management" group digitizes, with a staff of 25 persons, all correspondence documents – more than nine million sheets every year. They are transported via a sophisticated logistic system, from the nationwide spread 200 affiliates and bases, to the state capital of Baden-Württemberg. Scanned are all kinds of contracts, normal letter correspondence, credit documents and bonds, house building documents, and protocol records from major assemblies. Initial problems, how to coordinate the individual systems, could quickly be solved by the service people from Janich & Klass. Mid 2014, three more XINOs were purchased.

The documents are processed with different speed preference, depending on their kind. The paperwork for credits from development funds, for example, must be available within one or maximum two hours because the credit processing can be started only after the documents are digitized. On the other hand, already processed internal documents can easily wait a few days until their archiving. In consequence, LBBW has introduced a kind of traffic light system, to make sure that the time schedules as per document kind are kept. The traffic light does not only indicate, with "red" and "green", whether service arrangements are fulfilled - The "yellow" status signalizes pending danger of delay. "Digitizing bank documents may implement sealed, or even riveted documents", says Olaf Gerken. "Here, we must certainly take special care because these documents must often be returned to the clients, any may certainly not be damaged". After the scanning, commercially relevant data are captured with the OCR solution InputAccel from EMC Captiva. Such data are client ID, account ID, Supplier ID or invoice number, date, or amounts. Visual quality checks are done, as sample audit. This information is used for indexing, and hand-over to the IBM Content Manager (CM) DMS. All originals are stored for six weeks in paper form, in order to grant access in case of questions. Afterwards, file destruction is done by a service bureau, following the data protection laws.

Besides documents, LBBW also scans checks and remittance slips. Disregarding the rising usage of online banking in daily practice, they still occur. "Their quantity is shrinking, but they still exist", says Olaf Gerken. Actually, more than 35,000 checks and remittance slips are scanned, daily. Because the day of validation may not be altered, they must be processed on the same day. Monetary transaction forms are digitized by the AllScan software from K7 which delivers them to the IT system for form-bound payments of FinanzInformatik. Data that relevant for booking are read by this system, then interpreted, and processed. This fulfills the precondition that Saving Banks which are connected to the computing center FinanzInformatik’s computing center can also use XINO scanners. Besides the day-to-day business, Olaf Gerken’s team is busy with the successive archiving of old files, amounting to about 6.5 million sheet, annually. "As soon as all time-critical daily forms and documents are digitized, we continue with the old paper files", Olaf Gerken says. "So there is practically no idle running".

Olaf Gerken is content not only with the XINO scanners, but also with their manufacturer: "Janich & Klass is a client-oriented, flexible company. The staff takes care of problems and then quickly serves for a practical solution. Therefore, I reward the company with the full score in our annual supplier audit for the renewal of our ISO-9001 certificate".

About LBBW (Landesbank Baden-Württemberg)

The Landesbank Baden-Württemberg achieves a balance sheet total of approx. 266 billion Euro (per 31.12.2014), with a staff of about 11,100 people. Their head offices are located in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Mannheim and Mainz.

Together with their three client banks BW-Bank, Rhineland-Pfalz Bank and Sachsen Bank, they offer the complete range of products and services of a modern universal bank, in about 200 branch offices and bigger bases. In the area of the state capital Stuttgart, the BW-Bank fulfills the tasks of a mutual savings bank, for the LBBW.

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