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4 Aces and a Joker at CeBit 2004
DpuScan 4.1: The Joker, revalorizing the ace

"4 Aces and a Joker" -- under this motto, DpuScan 4.1 was presented together with the new scanner generation, at the CeBit 2004 in Hannover/Germany, from March 18 to March 24, 2004.

On the Microform Stand in Hall 1, the motto was: "With the 4 Aces from Microform and the Joker from Janich & Klass, you will always win."

The performance and capacity of the four newly introduced scanners from Microform, in connection with DpuScan 4.1, impressed in the same manner as 10 days earlier at the AIIM Show in New York.

All four scanners are equipped with image processing technology from Janich & Klass. The internal SCSI160-Board with its optional ACDP-Accelerator, together with the drivers developed by J&K, is the key to this outstanding performance.

MDIT( Multi Dimensional Intelligent Threshold) in the scanner driver of the S655 simplifies the processing of mixed originally considerably. Contrary to the competitors\' products, that halt the scan process at a bad scan quality, the automatic threshold of MDIT surveys the quality during scanning and automatically adapts the threshold parameters without the need to interrupt the scan process.

For completing the scanner program with an „Mid-range scanner“, Microform presented the Böwe Bell + Howell 8080 Spectrum scanner on their stand. Also this scanner can certainly be driven with DpuScan without any problem. Via the SCSI controller belonging to the scanner\'s delivery scope, the scanner is directly addressed by a DPU scanner driver developed by J&K. The software that also comes with the scanner thus becomes superfluous. This way, also the Spectrum Scanner from Bell & Howell turns to be a Multistream Scanner, and it will deliver you a color image, a gray image, and a bitonal B&W image, all at the same time, while scanning. Also, different zones of the image can be processed in different ways (for example: a photo in color, a fingerprint in grayscale, and the text in B&W).

In America, Microform scanners are exclusive marketed by KAB Scanning Resources. In Germany and Europe, you can get these scanners either from Microform directly, or also from Janich & Klass.

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