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goldgold ReScan on Demand (RSoD)

What would you do while indexing if the index field looked like this?

Stop indexing and go searching for the original paper, to rescan it?
Or create the following new image, during the indexing process, with the RSoD-technology of DpuScan, with just a few mouse clicks, and simply continue indexing?

Some bitonal black/white scanners feature a so-called ReScan module to temporarily store the gray value coming from the camera inside the scanner and to thus enable a Virtual ReScan with modified parameters for the scanner-included threshold hardware, without the need to scan the document again.

Such modules in the scanner have only a very limited possibility for temporary storage of gray data, and furthermore the disadvantage that such a ReScan must be made practically immediately at the scan station, as the gray data are available inside the scanner only.

DpuScan can, in its "Open Job" Mode, intermediately save all gray or color images, uncompressed, and thus allows a re-calculation of the black/white from the Original image, any time until the original images are also compressed while the Open Job is being finalized. In order to prevent quality losses, the color image should have been scanned uncompressed, for example via a SCSI intreface, with at least 160MByte/s.

Thanks to the RSoD method, the scan process must not be halted if the quality of the bitonal black/white image is unsatisfactory. It can be improved later any time. This enhancement can also be executed on a different workstation where, for example, quality check or indexing are executed by means of DpuScan.

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