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DpuFinalize DpuFinalize

DpuFinalize is no separate product but a functional extension to DpuScan. DpuFinalize takes OpenJob batches created by DpuScan and does the finalizing on that batch.

On large batches, finalizing may take a large amount of time. The scan station is blocked during finalizing time. Using DpuFinalize eliminates that blocking. Using the high performance of modern computers, using multiple cores of the processor, finalizing may be done with little or no loss of time, while assuring high speed scanning.

A license for DpuFinalize is included into DpuScan Gold.
A license for DpuFinalize may be ordered for all other variants of DpuScan

  • DpuScan Standard
  • DpuScan Professional
  • DpuScan GL
  • DpuScan QSI

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