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goldgoldprofessionalstandardbasis Zoning Processor

Did it happen to you that a form shaded in red was filled in with a pink pen? When you scan this form with a normal scanner and a red drop-out lamp - you will see nothing!

With a color scanner and DpuScan Gold, however, this is not a problem any more!

Different zones in color, gray, or black/white are no problem for DpuScan, not even with problematic originals.

You can define nearly any number of zones, with different properties.

problematic original Lupe Text and signature in black/white, without irritating backgrounds.
Lupe The photo certainly unchanged, in color.
Lupe Finger prints in gray, for secure evaluation.
Lupe An eventually existing barcode can immediately be evaluated.

Already the Basic version of DpuScan allows you to define the zoning processor at least in the scanner driver, and to execute it in the Task. If individual zones shall be in color, the color option of DpuScan must be installed (always included in DpuScan Gold). Zones with different properties (color, gray, or black/white) can always be realized with DpuScan Gold unlimited and a color scanner. In all other Versions, the scanner driver must offer this possibility.

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