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goldgoldprofessionalstandard Additional Buttons in the "Open Job" Operating Mode


In the "Open Job" operating mode, you use "Open" to either open an existing scan job, or to start with a new job. "Go on" will continue it, and "Close" causes interim storage for later re-opening. "Finalize" serves for final saving at the preset position, and the final supply of additional information, for example in the protocol file. Use "Refresh" to, for example, cause a renumbering of filenames, if images were deleted or inserted.


As long as a job is kept open, images can be inserted or deleted. It is also possible to manually combine individual images via multi-page files or sub-directory structures, or to split them again. Images can also be moved just using the mouse.

All buttons shown above can be removed individually to suit password protected user profiles. This is an easy way to establish user rights.

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