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goldgoldprofessional User Dialogs

The user-defined dialogs (UDD) allow you to add additional information interactively during a program process. UDDs contain any number of lines that consist of an input query and an input field. Input fields can be formatted with data entry rules. All entries variables applied by UDD may be parameterized or preset by a ListBox or Buttons to select from.

Different dialogs can be defined, which are executed either with each image, at job start, or as an action to an Event Rule. The data entered here are assigned to user-defined variables. These can be used for defining file names and path names, or for control of the program process in an Event Rule. Afterwards, they can be transferred via the protocol file or the Broker to a subsequent process.

The individual dialog elements are connected to a freely definable variable and receive any dialog texts as an input query. You can furthermore define pre-settings, input masks, tool buttons, drop-down lists, help texts and functions for calculating pre-settings.

Besides the dialogs themselves, individual variables can also be defined. These are set in the Event Rules and can later be evaluated at any position in the program.

Form, direction and position of a dialog can be set in any way. You can determine background images and colors and enter a general help text for the whole dialog.
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