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goldgoldprofessionalstandardbasis Advanced "Clean Up" (Pixtools®)

With the embedded image clean-up enginePixtools® of EMC Captiva, further advanced image enhancement may be performed on black/white images only.

Image post-processing can be restricted to individual areas of the image. You can then select from the list of post-processing functions: "Deskew," "Invert text", "Line removal", "Noise Removal" (Despeckle), "Register", "Shading" and "Cut area".

With the "Line removal" function, vertical and horizontal lines can be removed from the image. You can still enter detailed parameters such as line length, line width, max. length of a line interruption which shall not be seen as interruption, etc.

The function "Despeckle" will remove single dots and dot heaps from the image. The minimum dimensions of the "Spots" can be defined in width and length. "Text protect" ensures that dots included in text will not be removed. With "Sand and fill", letters are primarily "sharpened" at their edges, which leads to improved results at OCR applications.

With the "Register" function, the scanned image is corrected to a fix position in its horizontal and vertical position, if it had not been there before. This enables subsequent operations, which require information (e.g. marks) at a certain place, to work more precisely.

The Pixtools® Deskew also works without black borders around the document. It will first search the image for text lines and will then rotate the image so that these text lines are horizontal.

If text information exists in gray-shaded boxes, bi-tonal scanning will generate different, irritating patterns around the text, which can be removed with "Shade removal".
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